Patio Covers Folsom

Get surefire relief from extreme weather conditions using our patio covers

Folsom enjoys a pleasant weather. However as with all things, it too faces its share of ups and downs. And when it swings to uncomfortable levels very few companies can come in to your outdoor rescue as effectively as All About Shade. Visit our range of patio covers offerings in Folsom, and we are sure you will not go back without purchasing one for your patio, lawn or garden.

Our patio covers carry out its core function of optimum shade and relief from sun rays in day time. Imagine the list of possibilities this opens up for your precious, but underutilized outdoor space. You can host breakfast or lunch, have a get-together or cook up delicious barbeque. All this, without worrying about the inconvenience faced by your guests and family members.

Even in case of sudden drizzle in the middle of a nice garden or outdoor party, our patio cover will offer reliable protection and keep you dry. With tough fabric, there is absolutely no scope for rain drops to penetrate the area beneath the patio cover.

Interested to order patio covers in Folsom for your house? Call us on 916-710-1291 and our sales representative will get in touch with you immediately.

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