Space Advantages With Patio Awnings

We are subjected to drastic climate change in recent times. The days are getting hotter thereby making the living conditions harsher for us. The intense sunlight and its rays making their way into our house are not just detrimental to our furniture, but also pose a significant health risk. This is precisely where awnings come in handy. Installing patio awnings can provide considerableamount of relieffrom these issues.

Benefits of patio awnings

Most of the houses these days have a French style of architecture that easily welcomes the sun rays into the rooms. Fortunately, installing the awnings over the doors can act as a barrier for the incoming rays. In addition to this, the entire look of the room undergoes a visual transformation for the better. With the patio covering much of the outer space, planning parties and other exciting outdoor events can become a certain possibility.

Awning for commercial use

The right blend of fabric, color shade, patterns and textures can really help with enhancing the usable space your premises has on offer. This comes to be of special assistance when you are running a commercial establishment like a restaurant and need appropriate protection from harsh weather when your patrons make themselves comfortable in the open air to have their lunch or dinner.What this means is that not only is the exterior space utilized efficiently, it also helps de-clutter the interior at the same time.

Awning for residential use

If a few guests are expected at your home, then hosting them outdoors will be a good idea with the patio awning drawn out to full extent, to offer shade and protection from weather elements while you regale your guests.Another benefit of the patio awnings is it creates a new area for you where you can have small gatherings, work, play with kids and do anything under the warm shed. Lastly, the best thing is that you will have privacy from your neighbors, which is a must needed aspect in today’s crowded life.

Do write in to us and let us know how awnings have provided utility value to your home or office.

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Enhance the Beauty of Open Spaces Using Awnings

Awnings offer the perfect solution if you want to prevent direct exposure to harsh sun rays. They are best for open spaces of your house like patio, doorways, garage, terrace, poolside, windows and other places that need extra protection. However, protection is not its only job; in addition awnings also enhance the beauty of your house by giving them the right balance of colors, theme and stylish grace. To sweeten the deal, it is also worth noting that awnings are great energy savers allowing you to have a constant temperature inside the house without the need for air conditioning.


The best factor that appeals to homeowners in California and Sacramento is that there are a wide range of awnings available for commercial and residential use; some of them are:

  • Retractable Awnings

One of the best awnings on the list, this kind can help you protect your house from a steaming temperature of 45 degree Celsius, thus it is best for those who have to suffer from hot and humid climate. They come in several designs, color, and shade so that you can pick the one that best suits for your house. Reachable awnings are easy to use and can be fixed at almost every open space without any hassle.

  • Canvas Awnings

These are truly versatile awnings that can be placed at patio, balcony, decks or windows so that shade from them can help you in enjoying your outdoor activities. Other than that, this protection even prevents premature fading of carpets, furniture and drapes which often lose their shine when they come in contact with the sunrays directly. Such awnings are available in different style like open sided, dome shaped, double bar standard, and traditional sided.

  • Metal or Aluminum Awnings

Metal awnings are a lot different and are mainly made out of aluminum. They are stationary awnings which are quite durable and are often placed as canopies or door hoods. These awnings cannot withstand heavy loads and hence may need regular upkeep to de-accumulate debris or dirt within their lining.

These are the three amazing types of awnings that you can use to uplift the beauty of your house exteriors or workplace in no time!

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Opt for Retractable Awnings to Enjoy These Sensible Advantages

The city of Lincoln in California has hot summer Mediterranean climate. On an average, the city enjoys 250 days of sunshine. So, awnings in Lincoln, CA are a pretty common architectural feature you will see all around you, especially at commercial enterprises. However, many are still using fixed awning without realizing they are losing out on a lot of benefits by not switching to retractable awnings.

Awnings Lincoln, ca

If you are a business owner, you definitely should make an effort to find out why your business should be using retractable awnings.

  • More Affordable Installation

In this tough economy, businesses are looking for ways to save money. Well, you can save on awning installation, as retractable awnings, are not only cheaper than fixed awnings, they also do not require a specialized contractor to install them.

  • Maintenance-free

These awnings are practically maintenance-free and you don’t even have to bother cleaning the awning periodically. You don’t have to worry about the fabric tearing or fading in rain and snow, as the awning can be retracted during adverse weather conditions. So, along with no maintenance, you also get the benefit of longevity.

  • Safe and Non-Hazardous

As a commercial enterprise, you will be catering to a wide range of customers, including families with kids and pets. You will definitely worry about your customers’ safety and wellbeing while they are at your establishment. One of the highlights of retractable awning is no support post. Hence, you never have to worry about having a hazard outside; one that can pose a threat to kids and pets. You also needn’t get stressed about having the view blocked from under the awning.

  • Tax Deductible

Retractable awnings, can improve the exteriors of your business. They add more aesthetic appeal and comfort. Hence, you can enjoy tax deductions for the capital expense you incur in buying and installing the awnings. Now, which commercial enterprise can resist such a wonderful benefit?

  • Increase Brand Awareness

The awning can not only be used to protect your storefront or business entrance from harmful UV rays and provide customers with a shady place, it also can be used to promote your brand by printing your business’ name, logo and contact details on the awning. What an innovative way to boost your brand and business!

Retractable awnings, can improve your customers’ experience by offering them a cooler entrance and shaded area, offer protection from rain, snow and sleet and keep them away from the glare of the sun. Taking into consideration all these benefits, it makes sense for businesses in Lincoln, CA, to switch from fixed awnings to retractable awnings.

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The Noteworthy Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

Awnings are a great way to provide protection and shade to various outdoor areas adjacent to your home. Be it a window pane or a door, you can install an awning to protect it from rain and sun making these last longer. Awnings made from fabric are used generally for this purpose. But with advancement in the awning manufacturing industry, now metal awnings like aluminum patio awnings are also available. These awnings are stronger and durable as compared to the general awnings made from fabric or canvas. There is a mind boggling array of colors and styles along with durable performance when it comes to buying perfect aluminum patio awnings for your home.

If you are interested to know more about the value of aluminum awnings, let’s take a look at the same –

  • Strong-
    These awnings remain damage free from activities like warping, bowing or scratching.These are strong enough to withstand even hurricane strength winds and long hours of snowfall.
  • Remains fixed at one place-
    Aluminum awnings generally remain fixed at one place. However some retractable models are available in the market that could be operated with a switch.
  • Durable-
    Being made from aluminum, these awnings last as long as fifty years depending on appropriate care and upkeep. These are durable only because of the high strength metal sheets used in making the same. These can withstand harsh sunlight as well as rain or snowfall without getting damaged.
  • Minimize direct exposure to sunlight –
    These awnings absorb the extra sunlight and act as a shield in front of the home. These prevent harsh sunrays from directly reaching out to home’s walls and therefore, help in maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature.
  • Remain cool on the inside-
    Despite absorbing the heat from sunrays, these awnings do not radiate the same through inner surface. The inside of these awnings always remains cooler, so that you can enjoy your outdoor patio time with comfort.
  • Appropriatefor shading carports-
    Aluminum awnings can be used for providing shade to the car through a carport. Not many people have the resources to have a proper garage. Hence, an aluminum awning can save their car from the environmental damage like harsh sunrays, rain and even snowfall.

Overall, aluminum awnings come across as your best bet for enduring protection against harmful weather elements.

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Easy Ways to Choose Between Motorized or Manual Retractable Awnings

You can opt to install awnings on your patio or lawn area to get amazing shade from harsh sunlight and enjoy cool outdoor air. It also provides a ready external space where you can regale guests and family alike. With huge selection available in color, patterns, material and type of awning, you will be spoilt for choice. A popular type is retractable awning that helps you to expand or collapse the awning shade to the extent you require.

Choices in Retractable Awnings

Today we look at two key types of retractable awnings prevalent around US – motorized retractable awnings and manual retractable awnings.  In manual retractable awning, you would need to operate the crank or lever of the awning by hand. On the other hand, in motorized retractable awning, you can use a remote control to adjust the level of shade you want from the awning.

Manual Motorized Retractable Awnings

There are no definite answers when it comes to the question of which type of retractable awning you should go for your household. You can assess both based on their respective advantages and then make a final decision. Read on to see some key advantages of both types of retractable awnings.

Benefits of Manual Retractable Awnings

  1. Electricity Independent – In occasional cases of power cut, it becomes very easy to operate the crank manually, as it is not dependent on electricity to operate remote as is the case with motorized retractable awnings.
  2. Price advantage – Manual retractable awnings provide a significant cost advantage and the difference between the two types can run into several hundred dollars. This savings is accomplished from zero wiring needed to operate electrically, hence are cheaper to set up.

Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings

  1. Ease of operation – For those who are elderly or physically differently abled, these types of awnings are good choice. The ease of operation makes them almost 4 times as popular as their manual counterparts.
  2. Visual appeal – Its structure consists of motorized arms that extend or constrict based on the extent of shade needed. This gives a more linear and tidier look to the awnings
  3. Automation – Some motorized retractable awnings also come equipped with sensors for approaching wind (to retract back in that case) and sunlight (to extend out in that case).

Do write to us and let us know which type of retractable awning you would be selecting for your home.

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Retractable Awnings, an Energy Efficient tool for Home owners in Roseville

Retractable awnings are being used abundantly in homes here at Roseville CA, to save energy as well as bring down electricity costs. In addition to providing cost effective indoor cooling, retractable awnings are an environment friendly solution to manage daytime heat in comparison to other conventional methods. A simple investment done on installing a retractable awning goes a long way in keeping homes and lawns in Roseville CA cool in the spring, summer season.

Retractable Awnings Outdoor

How these awnings work?

Retractable awnings work on the simple principle of blocking the harsh sunrays from directly entering into the home’s interior. The protective layering provided by retractable awning helps in blocking unwanted sunlight and it results in good temperature management inside homes and in lawns and patios. Retractable awnings have been known to be better at shielding sunrays as compared to other options like glazing, shades and common window treatments. Retractable awnings decrease heat retention by the home’s walls by discouraging the heat gain from sunlight in the beginning itself.

Before choosing a retractable awning, residents of Roseville CA must consider the factors that affect indoor temperatures significantly. These are – temperature, heat gain, direct sunlight exposure, exposure to UV radiation and the glare.

Proven record in bringing down temperature

According to a research conducted by the Professional Awning Manufactures Association which covered around 17 US based cities, awnings have shown a drop of 77% in energy consumption by air conditioners. This was achieved by reducing the heat gain by 15 degrees leading to a drop of 26% in electricity bills. According to European Commission’s energy report, a good degree of temperature management can be achieved by monitoring three factors – natural lighting, natural ventilation and passive heating. The heat produced by electronic gadgets inside the home can reverse the process of temperature management. Retractable awnings have to be used strategically to block sunlight and allow ventilation as per need to help lower down indoor temperature.

Manual and motor operated retractable awnings are being used in Roseville based homes popularly these days. The carefully woven fabric of retractable awnings offers to diffuse the strong sunlight and provide the right degree of air ventilation to maintain indoor temperature. Considering the economic benefits and the ecological plus points, a retractable awning is a perfect temperature management solution to your home exterior/interior.

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Customize your Awnings in your own way with All About Shade

Awnings are one of the perfect additions for your Home and even for your store, office. For home-owners it provides an ideal shade option when they are out in their patio, lawn or garden. If designed and put up correctly at your stores, it can be a valuable advertising medium that will attract potential customers, thus resulting in better sales. For residential properties it can be a much needed extra space outside your house for evening tea or Sunday brunches. In case you too are interested in setting up good quality and highly visible awnings for residential or commercial setup, you need to take care of a few vital points as below –

  1. Size and pattern – Make sure that the awning fabric, pattern and color matches the overall theme of house or office. So if your house follows the classic wood theme all across, it would be wise to opt for an awning shade that is more earthy – brown or green, rather than red or grey, which is more suited for an office or store setting.
  2. Complements logo and tagline – For businesses that have a logo and tagline developed as per their branding initiatives, need to have a contrasting colored awning fabric on which the logo will be prominently visible. Also check with your marketing team about the size and placement of the logo and tagline.
  3. Coverage – The purpose of residential and commercial awnings differ slightly and hence this should be considered when commissioning the awning installation work. If it is needed for your home, then the primary factor would be protection from severe weather conditions and hence need to cover a bigger area in form of retractable awning. This aspects is applicable for store awnings too but an additional factor is the branding quality. For this reason, the coverage of awning too matters for maximum visibility.
  4. Type of awning – Aluminum awning and retractable awning is more preferred in residential properties.  For commercial setups, manual awning or fabric awnings will be better preferred.

Under no circumstances should you carry out the installation as a DIY project. For best results, you may contact a trustworthy company dealing in supply and installation of Awnings in Roseville CA.

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Commercial, Residential Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Awnings can be great, convenient additions for both residential and commercial buildings. Typically, an awning is a secondary cover, which is attached to the exterior walls of a building. It helps protect the house from excess heat or bursts of rain. Like everything else, awnings have also developed a lot and evolved into great new products.In this day and age, retractable awnings are now available in market with automatic deploy mentusing sensors to gauge weather conditions.

If you want to reap the rich benefits that awnings provide but are debating whether or not to order good quality retractable awnings in Roseville CA, here is some insight about their benefits which might help you decide –

Protection from the Elements – The first and most important benefit that retractable awnings provide is to protect you from extreme weather conditions. When the sun gets particularly harsh or when there in unexpected flurry of rain, deploying your awnings can give you great protection. According to research data, temperatures can be almost 20 degrees cooler under the soothing canopy of a retractable awning.

Household Benefits – Retractable awnings protect you from harmful UV rays. They also prevent premature wear or discoloration of carpets and furniture situated near windows or doors. Since awnings are typically used on top of windows or over glass doors, their use also keeps temperatures inside your rooms cooler. This in turn lets you save considerably on your air-conditioning bills. They are made from durable material which allows adequate light to pass through. This way you would never experience any darkening of your rooms due to their use.

Creative Use – Nowadays, retractable awnings are also available with innovative accessories. A large awning, when used with a screen room accessory, can create a protected, bug-free area on your outdoors where you can spend evenings. Even in windy or misty conditions, this lets you derive the pleasure of being outdoors without any hassle. Awnings can also be used to protect solar panels from excess heat during summer months.

Convenience – With today’s retractable awnings, you can simply set it and forget it.Your home automation system deploys and retracts the awnings automatically when it senses the requisite weather conditions.

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Retractable Awning with Drop Screen Install Fair Oaks

Awning w Front Drop resized awning inside view of drop with lights resized awning extended with front drop resized awning extended resized awning closed

The All About Shade awning installation team installed a wall mounted 19′ wide  x 11’2″ projection Sunsetter awning to a home in Fair Oaks.  Beautiful!!  This awning is operated wtih a Somfy motor, single channel remote.  The front drop is operated with a manual gear crank.  The fabric is Sunsetter’s woven acrylic ‘Pecan’, # 5940.  The customer also has the Sunsetter lights, which will add a fun evening look.


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Benefits of Having Patio Covers at Your Home

Did you know adding a patio cover to your home or business can add to the value of your home?  Patio covers extend the living area of your home allowing you to enjoy your patio  all year round, especially patio covers in the Sacramento Valley area, where seasons are mild.

Sacramento patio covers designed and installed by All About Shade Inc. extend the functional space of your home, along with adding a designer look to your residence.  With a little bit of planning, you can extend your home outdoors to create a living space that reflects your personality and satisfies your family’s need.  Perhaps an aluminum patio cover is exactly what your outdoor living area needs.

2013-07-01 12.09.03

Imaging a BBQ or lounging outside any time of  the year, offering protection from the weather, rain or shine.   Patio covers also offer protection to outside furniture or other items needed protection from outdoor elements.

Aluminum patio covers, aluminum referring a  aluminum and wood composite, can be selected in 9 different colors, can be designed in lattice, solid or combination of both.  If solid, can be insulated or non-insulated.  Which ever aluminum cover design you select, the materials are maintenance free.

Patio covers also can be combined with solar panels, giving you the option for solar power in your home.

Patio covers create functional real estate and a wonderful space to capture memories.

Call All About Shade Inc. today to assist with your patio cover design.


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