Unique combination of protection from the sun and visually appealing look for your exteriors

Weather is one aspect we have little control on. Be it harsh sun rays, rain fall or winds, you cannot change the weather. But what you can do is provide a shield to your loved ones to protect them against the weather elements. What better way to do this than opt for the amazing array of sun protection and shade products offered by All About Shade. We offer a mix of static and flexible products that gives you optimum amount of warmth of sun whenever you require, wherever you require

Try from either Retractable Awnings in Roseville or Stationary Awnings based on your precise needs. For protecting your pool water and helping it remain clean, we also offer strong pool guard fences. If you want to have a relaxing time outside your house, then our patio covers in Roseville are ideal sun protection accessories. Our Drop shades & screens and Sun & Solar Screens offer a mix of form and functionality, and guard against damaging sun rays.

All our products give you adequate amount of cool comfort. An added benefit is the remarkable new look that they provide to the overall look and décor of your house. You get to pick and select from amongst a host of designs and colors. We are sure that the absolute variety will leave you spoilt for choice. Our installation team goes the extra mile to get you the best service and value for money and have the shade set up and functioning in virtually no time at all.

We are what we do. At our company, it is actually “All About Shade”!

Products We Offer in Roseville –

1.         Great looking Patio Awnings / Patio Covers Roseville
2.         Protective Retractable Awnings Roseville
3.         Intrusion Barrier Pool Guard Fences
4.         Protective Drop Shades & Shade Screens
5.         Stationary Awnings exactly as per your home color/theme requirement
6.         Sun & Solar Screens that control the rays of the sun

Services We Offer in Roseville

1.         Custom Fitting of Our Product to Match Only your Needs
2.         Expert and Professional Installation
3.         Periodic Cleaning and Upkeep
4.         Prompt Delivery of Product to Your Doorstep

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