Patio Covers Rocklin

Heat or rain – Our patio covers keep you protected

Create a new outdoor space right outside your home thanks to the great quality patio covers in Rocklin supplied by All About Shade. Available in a variety of fabric and canvas material, the build quality is designed to withstand extreme heat and sun rays and keep your family and friends protected. Once installed right, the patio covers is capable of high degree of protection against conditions such as light showers, sun stroke and sun burn and keep the immediate surrounding cool enough.

Available across a multitude of sizes and dimensions, you are sure to find the right match for your home or lawn patio cover needs. You can also choose from huge variety of colors, textures, lines and patterns and convert your patio cover to a designer accessory in no time at all. Our installation team will take care of accurate installation of patio covers as per the rules and norms using the correct sets of tools and equipment. The result is long lasting shade cover for your entire family enabled by us at All About Shade.

Stay protected when you enjoy the weekend brunch or BBQ party with your loved ones, only with the reliable services of All About Shade – the premier name in patio covers in Rocklin.

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