Range of weather protection shades that protects you and your loved ones

All About Shade brings to you a complete range of shade and sun protection products just for your house. With sun’s rays affecting your house at great lengths during the day times, it is best to go for our shade products that gives you the control to manage the amount of sun rays that enters your house or your exteriors. In case the day is cooler, you can simply rollback the retractable awning in Folsom. If your house boasts of a good exterior or garden then patio covers in Folsom will be ideal for you. We also deal in stationary awning in Folsom. With All About Shade, it becomes very convenient to control weather and heat entering your homes, exteriors, gardens or lawns, thus allowing your and your family to enjoy a relaxing time both indoors and outdoors without worrying about excess heat or dangerous UV rays harming your loved ones.

We provide other noteworthy products that offer protection from intrusion, such as pool guard. With Drop shades & screens, you can easily control the amount of light entering through your veranda, windows or doors. Block harmful UV rays by installing Sun & Solar Screens made available by All About Shade in different shades and mesh thickness. Our range of shade products are completely wind resistant for areas prone to high velocity of winds. Even in case of light rainfall, our shade enhancement products will shield your home and lawns very well. Get the best defense against extreme weather elements with help of our attractive yet functional product line, one of which is sure to suit your requirements to perfection.

When the weather goes against the comfort of your family, think of nothing but All About Shade.

Products We Offer in Folsom –

1.         Patio Awnings / Patio Covers Folsom in a Wide Variety of Designs and Patterns
2.         Highly Functional Retractable Awnings Folsom
3.         Fully protective Pool Guard Fences
4.         UV Shielding Drop Shades & Shade Screens
5.         Stationary Awnings in Variety of Colors
6.         Sun & Solar Screens for Enhanced Sun Protection

Services We Offer in Folsom

1.         Customization of Our Product to Fit Your Home and Style
2.         Timely Delivery of Product to Your Doorstep
3.         Expert and Professional Installation
4.         Regular Maintenance

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