El Dorado Hills

Cool comfort and maximum protection from sun rays

At All About Shade our core focus in to supply products that offer perfect sun blocking and protection from damaging UV rays. Simply browse through the huge range of products and you will be convinced why All about Shade is miles ahead of competition in El Dorado Hills. The versatile range of products offered by us makes it hard to resist getting a shade product for your house. Be it awnings to keep your lawn area cool and comfortable or pool guard fences that shield your pool from unwanted breach of the clean pool water, our products do their job very well.

Stationary awnings and retractable awnings in El Dorado Hills are products where we really score way above other companies. The low cost and enormous variety of materials, colours and patterns make it a joy to own one of these for your house. Our collection of patio covers in El Dorado Hills are also quite popular. With accurate installation and minimal upkeep, these patio covers last very long and give you adequate shelter from uncomfortable weather elements. If your home needs controlled penetration of heat and light then we have a solution for this need too. Opt from a wide variety of sturdy Drop shades & screens or Sun & Solar Screens that lets you decide how much warmth you need for your house. These screen also prevent external nuisances (birds, insects etc.) from entering your house.

Our products are resistant to mold and mildew and offer long lasting protection from powerful rays of the sun or mild rains. We use superior fabric and colours that can withstand the heat without getting dull. These factors contribute immensely to extract maximum potential out of your investment into the shade and weather protection products supplied by All About Shade.

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Products We Offer in El Dorado Hills –

1.         Strong Stationary Awnings that Handle All Weather Conditions Very Well
2.         Top Quality Retractable Awnings El Dorado Hills
3.         Highly Protective Pool Guard Fences
4.         Strong Canvas/Plastic Patio Covers El Dorado Hills
5.         High degree of protection from Sun & Solar Screens
6.         Drop Shades & Shade Screens to Protect your Family from Harmful UV Rays

Services We Offer in El Dorado Hills

1.         Creative Supply and Logistics of Products in El Dorado Hills
2.         Continual Frequency of Maintenance that Enhances the Long Life of the Product
3.         Hassle-Free Installation without Encroaching on Your Other Property Objects
4.         Punctual Delivery of Product to Your Chosen Address

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