The Best Features of Awnings

There are many advantages to installing a retractable awning to your home or business. Here are some of best features of awnings….

Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

A retractable awning can transform your outdoor patio area into a beautiful out door room for entertaining or for simple kick back and relax time.  Below is a picture of retractable awnings in Roseville.

awnings Roseville

Add lights to your retractable awning to extend your outdoor time into evening!

Outsmart the Weather

Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.  With a retractable awning, you can add some control to your outdoor patio area.  An awning gives you shade and protection when your want it, but retracts when you want to enjoy the sun.

Cool Shade & UV Protection

A retractable awning is like having outdoor air conditioning – it can be 20 degrees cooler under your awning.  An awning can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends awnings as an effective UVA and UVB  ray protectant.  And, since a retractable awning give far more coverage than an umbrella,  it will give your children and animals a great sheltered place to play outside.

Energy Savings

Installed awnings in Roseville, CA were reported to reduce energy costs in a residential home by 20% during the hot summer months.  By blocking the sun from walls, windows, and patio doors, a retractable awning will keep the inside of your home cooler.  An awning also reduces your carbon footprint by contributing to a reduction in your energy consumption.

There are many more benefits to retractable awnings!!  Call All About Shade Inc. today to discuss awnings for your home or business.

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Patio Covers Allow for Enjoyable Outdoor Living

With life being hectic and crazy at times in our fast paced world, taking a moment to enjoy the outdoors can be beautiful and revitalizing.  An aluminum patio cover can create a great place to entertain during the spring, summer or fall months.  Or BBQ under a patio cover in any weather.

All About Shade Inc. can offer you a custom built aluminum patio cover to keep your deck or patio cooler during the valley summer heat,  making the outside an enjoyable place to be.  Whether its trying to relax after a long day at work or time outside with family and friends, your patio should be comfortable.  Our aluminum structures are safe and built with your comfort and design in mind.

Call the experts in patio covers for your free consultation.

Patio Cover


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Retractable Awnings – A great feature to your home or business

Retractable awnings are a great feature to add to your home or business.    Awnings provide for sun protection and add aesthetics to all structure.  All our awning products are custom designed to fit your unique application, using the finest materials available.  We offer fabrics from Sunbrella, Para Tempotest, Ferrari, Sunsetter,  Shearweave and more. Since All About Shade Inc. is the dealer and installer for multiple manufacturers of awnings, including Durasol, Sunsetter, Corradi, NuImage, Eclipse, SunAir….All About Shade has the awning for you.

For your business, do you need to add covered outdoor area for employees?  Or for your clubhouse, activity center?  Have a deck, terrace, patio or window that needs coverage from the elements, but at times want the sun?  Retractable awnings are your answer.  And, the decorative touch provided by adding an awning to any commercial or residential building.

A retractable awning allows homes and businesses to get more use from a deck or patio.  Decks and patios are popular gathering places until a drizzle or the scorching sun forces everyone back inside.  A retractable awning allows you to enjoy your outdoor areas regardless of the weather.

Elks Lodge both awning viewElks Lodge single awning view


All About Shade Inc. is the foremost authority for outdoor retractable awnings.  If you want to spend more time outdoors, call or email the shade experts today!

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How To Choose a Retractable Awning

Okay, you’ve decided a retractable awning would be a perfect weather protection selection Retractable Awningfor your home’s deck or patio, and reduce your energy bill, heat and air.  Get the shade to keep your home cool in hot summer months, and retract the awning in the cool winter months for heat from the sun.  You also have the option of choosing a manual awning that you crank out yourself, or a motorized that extends with the push of remote button or flip of a switch.

Now, the question, ‘how to choose a retractable awning?’  First, consider the budget you are working within.  If need a price range for the budget, give All About Shade Inc. a call. We work with many manufacturers of retractable awnings.

Next, width and projection of awning would meet your needs?  A 20 foot wide awning with a 10 foot projections may be the correct size for your friend’s patio, but the direction and width of your patio area could be completely different.  You may need a 16 foot awning 13 foot projection to get the appropriate sun blockage.

Examine the are of where the awning will be mounted.  Generally, there are 3 types of installation:  1) wall mount, most common 2) roof mount or 3) soffit mount.  It’s best to have a licensed awning specialty contractor inspect the area, and mount the awning.

When selecting the retractable awning, review manufacturers’s warranty on the arms and the fabric.  Generally, Sunbrella or Para fabrics have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty; the awning frame will depend on the manufacturer and model you select.

Also, you can add a motion sensor to a motorized awning.  Do you want to leave your awning out all day, but have the retractable awning automatically retract if an unexpected high wind develops?  If yes, consider adding a motion sensor.

Consider protecting your awning investment with an aluminum hood, if, where you plan to mount the awning, is open to the outdoor elements.

Call All About Shade Inc. today @ 916/710-1291 for a free retractable awning estimate.  Our experts can assist you with your awning selection to meet your needs!


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Removable Pool Fence – Pool Guard Safety Fence

Pool safety fence, removable pool fence, pool guard fencing, removable safety fence…..however you prefer to refer it to….is a safety fence product that has been around for over 20 years and provides an important layer of protection in your backyard… between your child and the pool.  Majority of pool accidents involve a child or grandchild who get in a backyard with no fence around a body of water.  Removable pool fence provides that vertical barrier and pool safety gate to keep kids and small pets safe from drowning.

Removable pool fence

Removable pool fence

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Awnings from All About Shade Inc. – Serving Sacramento and Surrounding Communities

With a new year, All About Shade is offering even more manufacturers options for retractable awnings!!  All About Shade Inc. is your expert retractable awning dealer and installer, offering choices and passing discounts to you.  Along with being experts in Sunsetter, Corradi, Durasol, NuImage, and Eclipse, we are now offering the SunAir retractable awnings.

Now is the time to invest in a retractable awning for your home!  Call today for a free estimate with a shade expert.



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Sunsetter Retractable Awning from All About Shade

Sunsetter 14 XL MerlotSunsetter 14 XL Merlot 2

All About Shade installed a Sunsetter 14′ wide by 11’8″ projection on this home in Antelope.  The motorized retractable awning added a nice touch to this patio area.  The customer ordered this awning with Sunsetter’s woven acrylic fabric, Merlot #3962.  Beautiful and easy to project out, or in, with a touch on the Somfy remote.

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Aluminum Patio Cover in Lincoln

solid aluminum patio cover

Solid Patio Cover


The All About Shade Inc. contractor designed the cover adding a decorator option to the front of 18″ rafter tails with 4 27′ long tubes.  Great decorator touch!!  Also, the columns  are of  8″ round smooth poly-fiberglass.The All About Shade Inc. patio cover installation crew built an aluminum solid cover for this home in Lincoln, CA.  The aluminum cover is attached to the house and built with Duralum’s 18″ non-insulated interlocking panels. The full size of this cover is just over 350 square feet.

With the outdoor lights and ceiling fan, this is a beautiful outdoor room for all mild seasons.



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Retractable Awning Installation to Protect Windows from the Elements

AwningRetractable Awning EOS

The All About Shade Inc. awning crew installed a Corradi EOS retractable awning for this customer in El Dorado Hills, CA.  The customer wanted an attractive means to cool the interior, and provide a shaded courtyard area.  The retractable awning patio cover also need meets HOA Serrano approval.

This awning is 12’8.5″ wide and has a 10′ projection with a mocha frame.  The awning is motorized with a left hand Somfy non-override motor and 18′ cord, along with a single channel remote.

The fabric is a new Para Tempotest 986-106, a solid brown, offered with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.  This brown Para has a UV Protection factor of 50+.

Beautiful retractable awning!



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Aluminum Patio Cover Build in Sacramento

Patio Cover Sacramento

The All About Shade Inc. patio cover crew built an aluminum cover for this Sacramento resident.  The cover is made of aluminum and wood composite, maintenance free and comes with a lifetime materials warranty.  With this cover, the owner selected IR3 insulated roofing solid roofing with a lattice end finish.  Color is white with scallop end cuts.  The steel posts are 8″ round smooth ‘Roman Columns’.  Beautiful cover adding an all weather outdoor room to this backyard.Patio Cover Sacramento

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