Get maximum protection and best shade options for places around your house

Are you troubled by the intense glare of the sun? Do you want to enjoy a relaxing time outside your house? Do you need to extend your living space and make the best use of your beautiful exterior such as yard, lawn or garden? The product range from All about Shade addresses all these questions with extreme ease. For a comfortable time outside the house with your friends and family, our selection of attractive custom built stationary awnings are reliable options. In case you feel the need to be in control of the amount of shade you need at a particular point of time, then our retractable awnings in Auburn can be a great alternative. Both of these can be easily installed and maintained for a long life.

In case you are looking to shield other parts of your property in Auburn from the penetrating heat and light of sun rays, then we offer other solutions that helps you tackle these concerns very easily. For instance, the patio covers in Auburn gives you the cool relaxation of outside your house. To better manage the degree of heat and light penetrating your home, our professional team can help install drop shades with quick speed, low cost and total expertise. In case you need to protect your pool from unwanted intrusion, then our pool guard fences can come in handy. We also supply attractive and functional Sun & Solar Screens that not only gives adequate protection from heat but also lends a touch of beauty to your exteriors.

With wide variety of designs, colours and textures, protection from heat was never as cool as products from All About Shade. Enquire more about your needs by connecting with us on 916-710-1291.

Products We Offer in Auburn –

1.         Regular as Well as Exclusive Patio Covers Auburn
2.         Heat and Intruder Controlling Sun & Solar Screens
3.         Drop Shades & Shade Screens to Protect Your Loved Ones against Heat and Deadly UV rays
4.         Stationary Awnings for 24X7 Protection
5.         Protective Shield of Pool Guard Fences
6.         Retractable Awnings Auburn for Controlled Heat Management

Services We Offer in Auburn

1.         Our Products Match Your Style and Shade Needs
2.         Punctual and Prompt Transport of Product to Your Address
3.         Expert and Professional Installation
4.         Timely Maintenance

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