Retractable Awnings, an Energy Efficient tool for Home owners in Roseville

Retractable awnings are being used abundantly in homes here at Roseville CA, to save energy as well as bring down electricity costs. In addition to providing cost effective indoor cooling, retractable awnings are an environment friendly solution to manage daytime heat in comparison to other conventional methods. A simple investment done on installing a retractable awning goes a long way in keeping homes and lawns in Roseville CA cool in the spring, summer season.

Retractable Awnings Outdoor

How these awnings work?

Retractable awnings work on the simple principle of blocking the harsh sunrays from directly entering into the home’s interior. The protective layering provided by retractable awning helps in blocking unwanted sunlight and it results in good temperature management inside homes and in lawns and patios. Retractable awnings have been known to be better at shielding sunrays as compared to other options like glazing, shades and common window treatments. Retractable awnings decrease heat retention by the home’s walls by discouraging the heat gain from sunlight in the beginning itself.

Before choosing a retractable awning, residents of Roseville CA must consider the factors that affect indoor temperatures significantly. These are – temperature, heat gain, direct sunlight exposure, exposure to UV radiation and the glare.

Proven record in bringing down temperature

According to a research conducted by the Professional Awning Manufactures Association which covered around 17 US based cities, awnings have shown a drop of 77% in energy consumption by air conditioners. This was achieved by reducing the heat gain by 15 degrees leading to a drop of 26% in electricity bills. According to European Commission’s energy report, a good degree of temperature management can be achieved by monitoring three factors – natural lighting, natural ventilation and passive heating. The heat produced by electronic gadgets inside the home can reverse the process of temperature management. Retractable awnings have to be used strategically to block sunlight and allow ventilation as per need to help lower down indoor temperature.

Manual and motor operated retractable awnings are being used in Roseville based homes popularly these days. The carefully woven fabric of retractable awnings offers to diffuse the strong sunlight and provide the right degree of air ventilation to maintain indoor temperature. Considering the economic benefits and the ecological plus points, a retractable awning is a perfect temperature management solution to your home exterior/interior.

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