Easy Ways to Choose Between Motorized or Manual Retractable Awnings

You can opt to install awnings on your patio or lawn area to get amazing shade from harsh sunlight and enjoy cool outdoor air. It also provides a ready external space where you can regale guests and family alike. With huge selection available in color, patterns, material and type of awning, you will be spoilt for choice. A popular type is retractable awning that helps you to expand or collapse the awning shade to the extent you require.

Choices in Retractable Awnings

Today we look at two key types of retractable awnings prevalent around US – motorized retractable awnings and manual retractable awnings.  In manual retractable awning, you would need to operate the crank or lever of the awning by hand. On the other hand, in motorized retractable awning, you can use a remote control to adjust the level of shade you want from the awning.

Manual Motorized Retractable Awnings

There are no definite answers when it comes to the question of which type of retractable awning you should go for your household. You can assess both based on their respective advantages and then make a final decision. Read on to see some key advantages of both types of retractable awnings.

Benefits of Manual Retractable Awnings

  1. Electricity Independent – In occasional cases of power cut, it becomes very easy to operate the crank manually, as it is not dependent on electricity to operate remote as is the case with motorized retractable awnings.
  2. Price advantage – Manual retractable awnings provide a significant cost advantage and the difference between the two types can run into several hundred dollars. This savings is accomplished from zero wiring needed to operate electrically, hence are cheaper to set up.

Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings

  1. Ease of operation – For those who are elderly or physically differently abled, these types of awnings are good choice. The ease of operation makes them almost 4 times as popular as their manual counterparts.
  2. Visual appeal – Its structure consists of motorized arms that extend or constrict based on the extent of shade needed. This gives a more linear and tidier look to the awnings
  3. Automation – Some motorized retractable awnings also come equipped with sensors for approaching wind (to retract back in that case) and sunlight (to extend out in that case).

Do write to us and let us know which type of retractable awning you would be selecting for your home.

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