Customize your Awnings in your own way with All About Shade

Awnings are one of the perfect additions for your Home and even for your store, office. For home-owners it provides an ideal shade option when they are out in their patio, lawn or garden. If designed and put up correctly at your stores, it can be a valuable advertising medium that will attract potential customers, thus resulting in better sales. For residential properties it can be a much needed extra space outside your house for evening tea or Sunday brunches. In case you too are interested in setting up good quality and highly visible awnings for residential or commercial setup, you need to take care of a few vital points as below –

  1. Size and pattern – Make sure that the awning fabric, pattern and color matches the overall theme of house or office. So if your house follows the classic wood theme all across, it would be wise to opt for an awning shade that is more earthy – brown or green, rather than red or grey, which is more suited for an office or store setting.
  2. Complements logo and tagline – For businesses that have a logo and tagline developed as per their branding initiatives, need to have a contrasting colored awning fabric on which the logo will be prominently visible. Also check with your marketing team about the size and placement of the logo and tagline.
  3. Coverage – The purpose of residential and commercial awnings differ slightly and hence this should be considered when commissioning the awning installation work. If it is needed for your home, then the primary factor would be protection from severe weather conditions and hence need to cover a bigger area in form of retractable awning. This aspects is applicable for store awnings too but an additional factor is the branding quality. For this reason, the coverage of awning too matters for maximum visibility.
  4. Type of awning – Aluminum awning and retractable awning is more preferred in residential properties.  For commercial setups, manual awning or fabric awnings will be better preferred.

Under no circumstances should you carry out the installation as a DIY project. For best results, you may contact a trustworthy company dealing in supply and installation of Awnings in Roseville CA.

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