The Best Features of Awnings

There are many advantages to installing a retractable awning to your home or business. Here are some of best features of awnings….

Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

A retractable awning can transform your outdoor patio area into a beautiful out door room for entertaining or for simple kick back and relax time.  Below is a picture of retractable awnings in Roseville.

awnings Roseville

Add lights to your retractable awning to extend your outdoor time into evening!

Outsmart the Weather

Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.  With a retractable awning, you can add some control to your outdoor patio area.  An awning gives you shade and protection when your want it, but retracts when you want to enjoy the sun.

Cool Shade & UV Protection

A retractable awning is like having outdoor air conditioning – it can be 20 degrees cooler under your awning.  An awning can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends awnings as an effective UVA and UVB  ray protectant.  And, since a retractable awning give far more coverage than an umbrella,  it will give your children and animals a great sheltered place to play outside.

Energy Savings

Installed awnings in Roseville, CA were reported to reduce energy costs in a residential home by 20% during the hot summer months.  By blocking the sun from walls, windows, and patio doors, a retractable awning will keep the inside of your home cooler.  An awning also reduces your carbon footprint by contributing to a reduction in your energy consumption.

There are many more benefits to retractable awnings!!  Call All About Shade Inc. today to discuss awnings for your home or business.

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