How To Choose a Retractable Awning

Okay, you’ve decided a retractable awning would be a perfect weather protection selection Retractable Awningfor your home’s deck or patio, and reduce your energy bill, heat and air.  Get the shade to keep your home cool in hot summer months, and retract the awning in the cool winter months for heat from the sun.  You also have the option of choosing a manual awning that you crank out yourself, or a motorized that extends with the push of remote button or flip of a switch.

Now, the question, ‘how to choose a retractable awning?’  First, consider the budget you are working within.  If need a price range for the budget, give All About Shade Inc. a call. We work with many manufacturers of retractable awnings.

Next, width and projection of awning would meet your needs?  A 20 foot wide awning with a 10 foot projections may be the correct size for your friend’s patio, but the direction and width of your patio area could be completely different.  You may need a 16 foot awning 13 foot projection to get the appropriate sun blockage.

Examine the are of where the awning will be mounted.  Generally, there are 3 types of installation:  1) wall mount, most common 2) roof mount or 3) soffit mount.  It’s best to have a licensed awning specialty contractor inspect the area, and mount the awning.

When selecting the retractable awning, review manufacturers’s warranty on the arms and the fabric.  Generally, Sunbrella or Para fabrics have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty; the awning frame will depend on the manufacturer and model you select.

Also, you can add a motion sensor to a motorized awning.  Do you want to leave your awning out all day, but have the retractable awning automatically retract if an unexpected high wind develops?  If yes, consider adding a motion sensor.

Consider protecting your awning investment with an aluminum hood, if, where you plan to mount the awning, is open to the outdoor elements.

Call All About Shade Inc. today @ 916/710-1291 for a free retractable awning estimate.  Our experts can assist you with your awning selection to meet your needs!


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