Removable Pool Fence Installation in Sacramento

 All About Shade Inc. and Folsom Lake Fence Company are sister companies, committed to keeping pools, spas and ponds safe from accidental drownings.  ALL homes with small children need a fence as a barrier from the home to the pool.

And, protect small pets.  Every year, our office gets multiple calls regarding small dogs falling into unprotected pools and drowning, regardless of the time of year.

Removable pool fence is a good, affordable investment in your family.  Pool fencing is available in 4′ and 5′ heights.  We inventory the black and the bronze fencing, with other color options available for special order.

Also, for your protection, only allow a CA company with a valid California State Contractor’s license to install your fence.

Feel free to call the All About Shade Inc. & Folsom Lake Fence Company office with any questions or concerns.

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